• How many layers are there in the masks?
    • There is a six-layered filtration mechanism inside the mask. The outermost layer is made up of fine cotton fabric. This is followed by two layers of non-woven PP fabric which provide bacterial filtration and protection from larger dust particles including PM 10. The other two layers are of laboratory tested melt blown N95 grade filter material which can filter out particles of the size of 0.3 microns with 95% efficiency. The innermost layer that comes in direct contact with the face is made up of finely meshed cotton for extra protection
  • Which size do I order for myself?
    • The masks are available in three sizes based on body weight
      • L size for body weight 60-90 kg
      • M size for body weight 35 – 59.9 kg
      • S size for 15 – 35 kg
  • Where have the masks been made?
    • The masks are proudly Made in India at our in-house facility
  • Are these masks re-usable?
    • Yes, these are not single shift usage masks and can be worn for a longer period without the filter media getting clogged with impurities. However the filter media is sewn in the mask and cannot be replaced
  • How to wash the masks?
    • For washing, we recommend that the mask be washed by hand in running cold water with mild soap. Also, the mask should not be washed in a washing machine. Machine wash can cause damage to the structural integrity of the micro-fibres of the melt blown filter media
      • The mask should only be hung dry without wringing
  • How many times can this mask be washed or used?
    • We recommend changing the mask once you feel that resistance to inhalation has increased since the time you started wearing the mask. This means that the filter media that is used in the mask has been clogged due to impurities, dust particles etc that are filtered as you breathe through the mask
      The mask can be washed in between as you keep using. The exact usage time will depend on your area but as per field observations, users have been wearing it for 3-4 months on an average
  • Will this mask fog my spectacles?
    • There is a double core nose wire that can be pressed for preventing any leakage above the nose. A good quality foam has been provided along with nose wire so that it does not hurt on the face. These measures have been taken to prevent hot exhaled air to escape from the top so that it does not fog the spectacles
  • Are filters provided separately with the masks?
    • These masks have a six-layered filtration mechanism in which all layers are sewn together to provide the best possible fit. Hence extra filter/cloth cannot be inserted in the mask. Sewing the filter ensures the mask is covered by the filter media throughout its surface and the filter media is not loosely fitted inside the mask
  • Is it worn around the ears or the head?
    • The mask has soft elastic that is worn around the ear
  • Does the mask have a nose clip?
    • Yes, a double core nose wire runs along the nose area in the mask which can be pressed against the face and prevents any leakage around the nose. A soft foam is present on the inner side of the nose wire for comfort while wearing