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A good snug fit in a mask is as important as good quality workmanship. With different sizes based on body weight, we strive to offer that extra protection that comes with a sharp fit

It is difficult to convince the kids to wear one. With vibrant designs, extra soft elastic on ears that does not hurt and a nose foam that provides the necessary cushion we believe they will find a product tailor-made for them

Especially made for those who believe that a mask can be any color as long as it's black. The inner cloth that comes in contact with the face has been kept black in all the masks as white fabric gets dirty sooner making it difficult to reuse

The ear to nose distance varies from person to person even if they are in the same body weight range. This makes it important for masks to have adjusters on its ear loops so that it allows the user to adjust the fit as per his/her fit requirements

Each mask comes with a double core nose wire which runs along the upper surface of the mask. This nose wire can be pressed against the nose hence reducing chances of air escaping out and fogging spectacles. A nose foam has been provided as a cushion for comfort on the nose

With every mask, a mask bag is provided for proper storage and maintenance. After using, masks should be not be kept in direct touch with any surface. Proper storage of mask helps in maintaining good hygiene